The Holy Rosary Cathedral is the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver. Completed in 1900, the church is built in the traditional style of an early French Gothic cathedral with two steeples of similar design but uneven height. The stone building replaced a wooden church which had been on the site since 1887.

Cathedral Contact Information:
Telephone: +1 604-682-6774


There are 8 bells in the tower.  Bells 1 to 5 were cast in 1906 by Llewellins & James at the Castle Green Foundry in Bristol, England.  Bells 6 to 8 were cast in 1900 by the G & F Paccard Foundry in Annecy le Vieux, Savoie, France.  The tenor weighs approximately 16 cwt. Read more about the Bells of Holy Rosary Cathedral.


The Holy Rosary Cathedral is located at the corner of Dunsmuir Street with Richards Street in the downtown core of the city within easy walking distance of most downtown hotels and attractions.

Click here for a map of the location of the Cathedral, as well as details on nearby parkades if coming by car as well public transit.


Access to the tower is by a door on the left side of the narthex inside the main entrance to the church. There are 3 flights of standard stairs with a total of 43 stairs leading up to the ringing chamber.

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, the tower door will be unlocked prior to the scheduled ringing sessions and visiting ringers may make their way up the stairs to the ringing chamber.

On Tuesday evenings, the main doors to the Cathedral are locked, but there should be someone at the centre door prior to the practice to let visitors in.  If there is no one at the door or if you arrive after the practice has started, there is a door bell that sounds in the ringing chamber.  The door bell is located high on the left side of the east door (left side of the Cathedral when facing the front). If the bells are ringing, please wait until they stop before pressing the door bell. Someone will come to let you in as soon as possible. 

If for any reason this system doesn't work, go to the cathedral office around the corner (at 646 Richards Street).  Someone there should be able to assist you.


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When you arrive in Vancouver, we recommend that you contact us to confirm ringing times or find out about recently scheduled special event ringing. Cancellations or changes to the Saturday schedule are common due to special services in the church or lack of ringers.  Cancellation of Tuesday practice or Sunday Service sessions is rare but does happen, so please check first.

Tower Captain: Eve Munns
Telephone: +1 604-224-0233
or call the cathedral office and leave a message: +1 604-682-6774


Check our Ringing Calendar for updated schedule information.

Visitors Note: We encourage visiting ringers to check with the tower captain before coming to any ringing sessions. Ringing may be cancelled at short notice.

Sunday Service Ringing: 10:30 ‑11:00 a.m., after the 9:30 a.m. mass and before the 11:00 a.m. High Mass.

Tuesday Simulator Practice or Quarter Peal:  6:30‑7:30 p.m. Temporarily Cancelled
Quarter peals are scheduled on Tuesday evenings whenever it is possible to get a band together. Visitors may be included in quarter peal ringing by prior arrangement.

Tuesday Practice: 7:30-9:00 p.m.
Regular weekly practice for ringers of all levels. Visitors are welcome. Will either be in the tower or online.   Confirm with the Tower Captain for details.

Saturday Practice: 9:30-11:00 a.m. Temporarily Cancelled
Regular weekly practice for ringers of all levels. Visitors are welcome.

Special Event Ringing:  Ringing for weddings and special religious (Christmas Eve) and civic events (Remembrance Day and New Years Eve) are frequently scheduled.  Visitors may be included by prior arrangement.


The most common methods that we ring at Holy Rosary Cathedral are:

  • Grandsire Doubles & Triples
  • Plain Bob Doubles, Minor, Triples, & Major
  • Stedman Doubles & Triples
  • Cambridge Surprise Minor & Major

Some members of our band are experienced in other methods which may be rung with visitors when possible. We ring Call Changes and Plain Hunt for learners. We also ring using the simulator with the bells fully silenced using clapper cozies.