Church bell ringers keep tradition alive (video 2:03)
This video was aired on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's National News broadcast on December 23rd 2019 giving a synopsis of bell ringing at the Holy Rosary Cathedral.   There is also a photo article posted on CBC News website associated with this video.
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Vancouver Bell Ringers (video 25:58 in 3 parts)

A documentary film found on YouTube about campanology, or the art of bell ringing, at Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver, BC. This documentary was produced in 1960, after ringing recommenced in mid-September 1957 following a lull of some five years.

Part 1 (9:35)
Part 2 (9:36)
Part 3 (6:47)

Dedicated group of bell ringers find centuries-old art appealing (video 5:09)
This video was produced along with an article that appeared in the local newspaper The Vancouver Sun in December 2018.
Produced by PostMedia Network Inc.

myVancouver Change Ringers (video 3:28)
Watch our band in action and take a tour of the belfry.
Produced for myVancouver, Telus Optik.

Change-Ringers of Vancouver, BC (slide show 5:33)
Enjoy a sound-slide show of the ringing chamber and belfry.
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Produced by Silamara Albi.